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You are a piece of the puzzle

For more information, call the EDC Hotline at 1-855-376-9382.

In order to sustain the Everyone with Diabetes Counts (EDC) program after project funding ends, the help of community volunteers is crucial. Volunteer opportunities range from offering to host or promote a class all the way up to receiving training and offering classes in the community. 

Volunteers are needed to:
  • promote the EDC project in their communities;
  • assist with recruiting Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes to attend classes;
  • nominate community health workers for train-the-trainer sessions;
  • donate meeting space;
  • promote a broader public awareness of diabetes and diabetes education;
  • educate patients on the basics of diabetes and what it means for their health;
  • encourage patients to get A1C and lipids tests in addition to eye exams, foot exams, and weight and blood pressure management;
  • and donate materials such as monofilaments.
As a volunteer, can I teach diabetes self-management education classes?

The answer is yes!

Although volunteers are not required to have any specific credentials to participate in the project, volunteer trainers will need to dedicate enough time to attend a train-the-trainer program (four sessions) and then be willing to dedicate time to teach the classes in the community. 

Beginning in April, certified community health workers, health care providers and other project staff will conduct Diabetes Empowerment Education Program (DEEP) training for interested volunteers and peer educators.  These trainings will focus on program planning, implementation and evaluation, ultimately preparing volunteers to offer diabetes self-management education to the community.  

The training curriculum will focus on the prevention and control of diabetes, including related complications and disabilities, the importance of regularly-scheduled doctor’s visits, eye exams, foot exams, A1c tests, and proper diet and exercise.  Training will be conducted by certified community health promoters/workers, health care providers, and project staff.
Ready to volunteer?

Organizations and offices interested in hosting a class should contact EDC staff at 1-855-376-9382.